CIB Marine Bancshares, Inc. & CIBM Bank

Board of Directors

Mark A. Elste, Chairman
Chairman of the Boards of CIB Marine Bancshares, Inc. and CIBM Bank
Director Since: 2011
Committees: Executive Loan and Investment Advisory (Chair)

J. Brian Chaffin
President & CEO, CIB Marine Bancshares, Inc. & CIBM Bank
Director Since: 2015
Committees: Executive Loan and Investment Advisory

Gina M. Cocking
Managing Director & CEO, Colonnade Advisors, LLC
Director Since: 2019
Committees: Compensation, Executive Loan, and New Business (Vice Chair)

JoAnn M. Cotter
Retired Partner, Wipfli LLP
Director Since: 2019
Committees: Audit (Chair), Compensation, Executive Loan, New Business (Vice Chair), and Nominating

Mark D. Henderson
Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor of University of Pittsburgh
Director Since: 2017
Committees: Audit (Vice Chair) and Compensation

Rhonda L. Hopps
Chief Executive Officer of Hopps Capital Advisors, Inc., a leadership coaching and consulting firm
Director Since: 2021
Committees: Compensation (Vice Chair), Executive Loan, Investment Advisory, and New Business

Charles D. Mires
Retired Director of Fixed Income & Alternative Strategies for private investment management firm
Director Since: 2011
Committees: Audit, Compensation, Executive Loan, Investment Advisory and New Business (Chair)

Steve C. Palmitier
Retired President & COO, North American Company for Life & Health Insurance and Midland National Life Insurance Company
Director Since: 2017
Committees: Compensation, Executive Loan, New Business, and Nominating

Ronald E. Rhoades
Retired President & CEO, Plastic Container Corp.
Director Since: 2010
Committees: Audit, Compensation (Chair), and Nominating (Chair)